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"Dr. Wellendorf has been amazing with our kids! Very professional and caring, also has a wonderful, very helpful staff. As a parent being terrified of my little ones first surgery, they are there to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Would recommend him to anyone."
Sheena H.

Balloon sinuplasty surgery was quick, effective and had a speedy recovery rate thanks to the experienced hands of Dr. Wellendorf. It took a couple of days and I was back doing my normal routine and feeling much better. I could finally breathe freely and smell again!
Jeanette W

Dr. Wellendorf and staff have provided me and my family with compassionate, high quality care over the years. He's an excellent doctor and surgeon. His practice has always kept up with the technological advancement in today's medicine. He has time to listen to his patients and provide them with the very best treatment options. He's ALWAYS given us solid medical advice...and that's what I want out of my doctor!
Michelle T.

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